Area and zones of harmfulness of Bidens tripartita L.

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Specialist-biologist - I.N. Nadtochii
GIS-specialist - I.A. Budrevskaya

Date of creation:




Accuracy of map:

Created using information taken from published literature and maps of scale 1:10,000,000-1:80,000,000.


"Alber's Equal Area Conic for the USSR", 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic content:

Vector map. Area is shown by polygon (the main distribution) and by points (sporadic distribution). Zone of harmfulness is shown by polygon.

Accuracy of classifier:

Area and zones of harm have been compiled by analyzing published cartographical materials and literature. Maps of Bidens tripartita distribution developed by Chikova (1983) and Hulten et al. (1986) were used for drawing the area. Map by Chikova (1983) is more detailed and extensive and therefore is used as a base map. Corrections have been made in the south of European FSU, in Siberia and in the Far East. The main area has been narrowed and depicted as sporadic distribution, as records of the weed are sparse or located along the river Lena and its tributaries (in Siberia). The zone of harm is based on literature data by Kozlovskaya & Simonovich (1966); Korovina (1982); Oksenyuk (1982) and Shatokhin & Birkbaum (1982) with boundaries corresponding to the map of arable lands.

Method of map production:

Published literature was reviewed, including atlases, monographs and papers. Occurrence data were obtained from herbarium specimens, floras, monographs and papers. Data were then compiled through scanning and geo-referencing to develop a composite vector map. The biologist, together with the GIS specialist, drew a composite weed distribution area based on compiled data.

Reference citations:

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Right and copyright:

All rights reserved. Copyright 2003 © I.N. Nadtochii & I.A. Budrevskaya (vector map, description).

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