Area of distribution and weediness of Solanum carolinense L.

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Scientist - S.Yu. Larina
GIS-specialist - I.A. Budrevskaya.

Date of creation:




Map was created based on maps of natural scale 1:5,000,000 - 1: 20,000,000.

"Alber's Equal Area Conic for the USSR" 9, 1001, 7, 100, 0, 44, 68, 0, 0.

Basic content:

Vector map. Area of distribution is shown by polygon (main distribution) and points (sporadic distribution). Zone of weediness is shown by polygon.

Accuracy of classifier:

Within the weed area of Solanum carolinense the zones of weediness were established according to criteria of occurrence (% of fields where this species is found) and abundance [expressed as projective cover of this species in the field (in % of the field area) (Tanskii et al., 1998)], where the occurrence of this species exceeded 10% and its abundance (projective cover) exceeded 5%, which lead to decreases in crop productivity by 35% and more (Todua, 1975).

Method of map production:

The areas of distribution and weediness of Solanum carolinense were established according to analysis of open-published maps and literature. The map was outlined according to data of V.Ya.Maryushkina et al. (1990) and specified according to data of R.Khubutiya et al. (2000), and was used to depict limits of the area of distribution. Zone of weediness of S.carolinense was established according to R.Khubutiya et al. (2000) and coordinated with the limits of arable lands. The sites of sporadic distribution of this species in the Far East were determined based on S.S.Kharkevich (1991); in Ukraine, on S.L.Mosyakin & O.G.Yavorska (2003), in Moldova, on N.G.Nikolaeva, et al. (2001).

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Copyright 2004© S.Yu.Larina & I.A.Budrevskaya.
The image was taken from the book of A.I.Maltsev (1962).

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