8th GIS school in All-Russian Plant Protection institute

The 8th GIS school were in All-Russian Institute for Plant Protection  (VIZR, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)  from November, 21, 2011 to December, 1, 2011.

It was 5 participants:

Ermakov Artem Leonidovich - Institute of Forest Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia) – “Detection of died-back spruce forest areas damaged by bark beetle based on the application of high resolution satellite images”
 Mogilyuk Nataliya Timofeevna - Quarantine station of grape and fruit cultures of plant protection institute NAAS of Ukraine (Odessa, Ukraine) – “The distribution of the quarantine weed Sorhum halepense in South-Western region of Ukraine”
 Prokhorov Vadim Evgenevich - Kazan State University (Kazan, Russia) – “Potential species habitats modeling, landscape invasibility, species pool modeling”
 Shpanev Alexander Michailovich - All-Russian Institute for Plant Protection  (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) – “Recognition of spatial irregularity of weeds in agroecosystems of North-Western Russia”
 Shutko Anna Petrovna - Stavropol state agricultural academy (Stavropol, Russia) – “Phytosanitary assessment of land uses in Stavropol Territory with GIS technology application (by an example of winter wheat root rut agents)”
Teacher – Afonin Alexandr Nickolaevich – Saint-Petersburg State University.

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