The 9th GIS school were in All-Russian Institute for Plant Protection (VIZR, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

The 9th GIS school were in All-Russian Institute for Plant Protection  (VIZR, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)  from February, 14, 2011 to February, 25, 2012.

It was 5 participants:

Gasich Elena Leonidovna - All-Russian Institute for Plant Protection  (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) – “Distribution in territory of the Russian Federation of Septoria species from  Convolvulus arvensis”
Ilinsky Izida Nikolaevna - The state scientific institution the Don scientific research institute of agriculture of the Russian academy of agricultural sciences (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia) – “A technique of an agroecological estimation of quality of soils and the lands on the basis of application of GIS-technologies”       
Kirian Viktor Mykhaylovych - Ustymivka Experimental Station for Plant Production of Plant Production n.a. V.Y.Yurjev of NAAS Ukraine – “Using GIS techniques to study and optimize the introduction of collection of agricultural crops to different environmental conditions of Ukraine ”
Pilipko Elena Nikolaevna - Vologda State Dairy Farming Academy (Vologda, Russia) – “The quality evaluation of wild habitations, population control considering food supply in one of the districts of Vologda region”
Sarafanova Elena Yur’evna - The East Siberian State Academy of Education (Irkutsk, Russia) – “GIS analysis of the dependence between the flammability risk and hydrometeorological situation on the basis of Remote Sensing data in Irkutsk region”

Teacher – Afonin Alexandr  Nickolaevich – Saint-Petersburg State University.

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