Astragalus falcatus Lam. - Sickle-shaped Milk-vetch, Falcate Milk-vetch.

Taxonomic position.

Family Fabaceae Lindl., genus Astragalus L.


Astragalus virescens Ait., Tragacantha falcata (Lam.) Kuntze

Morphology and biology.

Perennial well-leaved plant 55-100 cm tall, sparsely hairy, weakly branched. Root system strong. Stipules lanceolate, acute, free. Leaves with 15-20 pairs of elliptic-oblong leaflets. Racemes lax, after flowering extensely elongate, on peduncles equal to floral leaf. Bract whitish, equal to tube. Calyx campanulate, its teeth triangular, shorter than tube. Flowers drooping, greenish-yellow, 10-12 mm long. Pods sessile, drooping, linear, falcately bent, coriaceous, bilocular, sharpened into straight subulate beak. Flowers in June - July, fruits in July - August. Cross-pollinated entomophilous plant. 2n=16.


East and south of the European Russia, Urals, West Siberia, Caucasus.


Steppe and forest-steppe zones, in mountains from lower to upper montane zone. Fringes and glades of light broad-leaved forests, meadows and meadow steppes, feather-grass-forb steppes. Drought-resistant.

Economic value.

Forage plant. Competes with medick in yield of green mass, but being eaten fresh worse than sainfoin. Seed yield is 4-5 centner per hectare on the average, maximum 7.4 centner per hectare, hay yield 60 centner per hectare, yield of green mass 200 centner per hectare.


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