Poa mariae Reverd. - Poa mariae

Systematic position.

Family Poaceae Barnhart, genus Poa L.


P. smirnovii Roshev. subsp. Mariae (Reverd.) Tzvel.

Morphology and biology.

Perennial rootstock grass. Height reaches 10-25 cm. Stem is smooth. Leaf is 2-4 mm in width, soft. Inflorescence is pyramidal panicle 7-15 cm in length with smooth branches. Spikelet is 5-8 mm in length. Lower floral glume has well-marked veins. Pubescence occurs along and between veins. Long, winding hairs develop on the callus. Cross-pollinated and wind-pollinated. Flowering and ripening occur in July-August. Seed and vegetative reproduction. Chromosomal number unknown.


Occurs in Western Siberia (Kuzneckii Alatau, basin of River Chuya), Eastern Siberia (Sayany), and Mongolia.


Species occurs in alpine meadows, on stony and cobbled slopes, and on sandy riversides up to the upper mountain zone.

Economic value.


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